Old Texas Topographic Maps

Topographic maps of Texas give a unique view of the state's natural and structural features for professional and recreational map users. Browse our large collection of topo maps to discover areas of interest like the footprint of the San Antonio metropolitan over the years, or an elevation survey of the Texas Hill Country. In fact, a geographical survey of the Texas gulf coast would be a great gift for that Port Arthur beach house.

A historical Texas topo map makes a beautiful and unusual conversation piece in any setting. Originally, topographic maps had a utilitarian purpose, but now historical topographic maps of Texas are rapidly becoming a hot addition to any room or office.

Wichita Falls Texas Quad - USGS 1954 - 33.74 x 23
Wichita Falls Texas Sheet - USGS 1954 - 23 x 33.03
Wichita Falls West Texas Quad - USGS 1918 - 23 x 27.09
Young Ranch Texas Quad - USGS 1969 - 23 x 28.20