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River Mississippi - Carleton 1770 - 23 x 26.00
Region: Louisiana (LA)
Featured: New Orleans Louisiana (LA)

America with French English Establishments - 1756
Region: Eastern North America.
Featured: Charlestown, Boston, Berkely, Port Royal, Savannah, Kingstown, Detroit, Bedford, Hanover, Baltimore, Cumberland, Salem, Burlington, Providence, Plymouth, Newark, Montreal, and several towns and settlements throughout eastern North America.

Back Settlements Course of Ohio - D'Anville 1755 -
Region: Eastern North America.
Featured: Charlestown, Jamestown, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Plymouth, Montreal and Several others throughout eastern North America.

Battle of Long Island - Faden 1776 - 23 x 27.94
Region: New York Island, Long Island and Staten Island, Ne
Featured: Castle Town, Richmond, Elizabeth Town, Newark, Hackingfack, Aquakeneck, Totowa, Bulding, Schralenburg, Hobock, Bergen, Younker, West Chester, Harlem, New Town, Flushing, Brushwick, Brooklyn, Bedford, Flatbush, New Utrecht, Gravesend, Flatland, Whitst

Baum Position Walmscock Bennington - Durnford 1777
Region: New York State, (NY), United States.

Bay of Honduras with Mosquito Shore - 1760 - 23 x
Region: Off the coast of Central America in the Caribbean

Blue Hill Bay to Belfast Bay Maine - Des Barres 17
Region: The coast of Maine, United States.

Blue Hill Bay Penobscot Bay Owls Head - Des Barres
Region: The coast of Maine, United States.

Boston Environs and Harbour - Page 1775 - 23 x 31.
Region: Massachusetts (MA)
Featured: Roxbury, Charlestown, Winisimmit, Cambridge, Brookling and Dorchester.