Historical City Maps in the USA

From Independence, Ohio to Paris, Texas, we’ve got the country covered. Historic city maps of cities great and small, across the USA. Looking for a street map of Houston, Texas or a vintage map of New York City? Look no further! Our gorgeous old map reproductions present snapshots of life in a long-lost era. We offer multiple vintage map reproductions for some large cities, allowing you to trace the growth and follow milestones in the city’s development. Maps were created for a variety of purposes: by city engineers to plan growth, to trace demographics, even to document voting and school districts. These beautiful antique maps of California cities are a priceless addition to libraries, historical societies, or individuals’ collections. Old maps make a great gift for any history buff.

Sitka Alaska 2 of 3 - Kastengren 1914 - 23 x 27.32
Sitka Alaska 3 of 3 - Kastengren 1914 - 23 x 27.10
Hope Arkansas - Knobel 1916 - 23 x 25.75
Little Rock Arkansas - Rickon 1888 - 30.5 x 23
Phoenix Arizona - Borney 1867 - 40.63 x 23
Tucson Arizona - Hand 1870 - 27.75 x 23