Old Mining Maps

Relive the Gold Rush! Or trace the development of silver, coal, mineral and salt mining!
Mining maps show ownership, distances, railroads, and telegraph lines. The growth of entire regions of the country was influenced by the mining industry. Follow their history with these detailed maps, featuring a treasure trove of historical information.
Our collection includes historic gold mining maps and vintage maps of Nevada’s copper mines and New Hampshire and Alaska’s mining regions. Our stunning vintage map reproductions bring this era of history to life.

Death Valley Miner Salt Lake Railroad - Crowell 1903 - 23 x 26
Alaska Gold Coal Fields  - Walcott 1898 - 27.75 x 23
Nevada Austin Reese River Mine District - Allardt 1863 - 31 x 23
Cabin Creek Coal Company West Virginia - Miller 1873 - 23 x 26
Arizona Gadsden Purchase Silver Mines - Roskruge 1859 - 23 x 36.77
California Washoe Mining Region - Pierce 1860 - 27.94 x 23