Old New York City Maps

From Manhattan Island maps to city maps of Albany we have many maps of New York state cities across the Empire State. These beautifully vintage New York State city map reproductions allow you to trace the growth and follow milestones in a city’s development. Maps were created for a variety of purposes: by city engineers to plan growth, to trace demographics, even to document voting and school districts. These beautiful antique maps are a priceless addition to libraries, historical societies, or individuals’ collections. Old maps make a great gift for any history buff.

New York City 25 Miles Around the City New York - Illman 1835 - 23 x 26
Plattsburgh New York - Beers 1869 - 23 x 27.24
Albany New York Outline and Index - Hopkins 1876 - 30 x 23
Albany New York - Merchant 1828 - 27.88 x 23
Albany New York - Andrews 1895 - 31 x 23
Albion New York  - Stone 1867 - 23 x 26.43