Panoramic Art Prints

Popular at the turn of the century, historical panoramic city maps were drawn from oblique angles or presented a “bird’s eye view” — creating the illusion of 3D.
Our collection includes vintage maps of many U.S. and Canadian cities. The intricate detail in these historical masterpieces shows street patterns, buildings, and the predominant surrounding landscape — all drawn with panoramic perspective.
Artists were often creative in enhancing their maps. They would often climb hills or trees, or even build platforms to achieve a unique perspective. To bolster their sales, some artists added fleets of ships in the town harbor, included proposed building developments, or depicted a city filled with vivacious, bustling industry.
Bring your city’s history to life with a charming historical panoramic rendition! Meticulously restored old maps become beautiful works of art. Add a stunning vintage map reproduction to the décor of your home or office today!

Delavan Wisconsin - Stoner 1884 - 42.05 x 23
Columbus Wisconsin - Ruger 1868 - 29.30 x 23
Chippewa Wisconsin - Wellge 1907 - 35.35 x 23
Chippewa Falls Wisconsin - Norris 1886 - 30.52 x 23
Boscobel Wisconsin - Stoner 1869 - 26.31 x 23
Beaver Dam Wisconsin - Ruger 1867 - 26.83 x 23