Historical Texas State Maps

Our collected works of old Texas maps feature the storied history and expanse of the Lone Star State. As big as Texas itself, this collection has maps that show Texas in the early days as a Mexican province to its independence in 1836 as the Republic of Texas.

Old maps of Texas are a great gift for any fan of vintage maps and history of the Lone Star State. From the gulf coastal plains to the Rio Grande, many of our Texas state maps also illustrate the changing western and northern borders through time. Like all of our U.S. State collections, these historic state maps of Texas showcase major cities including: San Antonio, Galveston, Houston, Dallas Fort Worth, El Paso and Austin. Additionally, these maps are a great resource to locate rivers and geographic points of interest like the northern plains or the east-Texas woodlands.

Texas Surrounding Territories - Radefeld 1846 - 23 x 27.42
Texas Territory - Humphreys 1859 - 23 x 25.93
Texas Territory - Lucas 1823 - 28 x 23
Texas Travellers - Pressler 1867 - 23 x 23.93
Texas Travellers - Pressler 1867 - 23 x 24.19
Texas West - Hammond 1910 - 23 x 35.39
Texas Western Portion - Asher 1874 - 23 x 32.21
Texas with Alamo - Roemer 1849 - 23 x 25.90
Western Texas - Cram 1892 - 23 x 33.58