Revolutionary War Maps

Our 1775-era maps of the seat of the Revolutionary War will take you back in history. Explore our nation’s birth with maps of New England and the original Colonies! Our collection of antique revolutionary maps can take you back to where it all happened. We’ve got theater of war and battlefield maps for all thirteen colonies, fortresses, and even maps of the English Army’s camps. Historians and Revolutionary War buffs will delights in these beautifully restored reproductions and prints of old revolutionary maps.

Thirteen Colonies Theatre - Eliot 1778 - 23 x 34
Thirteen Colonies - Eliot 1778 - 23 x 31.01
New York New Jersey Provinces - Pownall 1776 - 23 x 58.40
North America British Colonies - Pownall 1776 - 23 x 32
New Jersey Divided East West - Faden 1777 - 23 x 25
General Washington Operations - Faden 1777 - 23 x 30.5