Historic Topographic Maps

The wide range of information provided by topographical maps makes them extremely useful to professional and recreational map users alike. Topo maps have traditionally been created for engineering, energy exploration, natural resources conservation, environmental management, public works design, commercial and residential planning, and outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and fishing.
While their original purpose was utilitarian, historical topo maps are rapidly becoming a hot addition to any room or office. Their contrasting colors draw the eye and enhance today's modern, eclectic, or traditional decor.
Choose a survey of the coastline for your beach house, the topography of Boulder Canyon before the Hoover Dam flooded it to make Lake Mead, or the original outline of the "Proposed" Great Smoky Mountains for your house in the hills. We have topo maps of many states and regions — from topo maps of Ohio and Nevada to historic topographic maps of California. Our collection highlights the U.S. Geologic Survey and includes many us geological survey quadrangle maps, us geological survey topographic maps, and historic USGS topo maps.
A historical topo map is a beautiful and unusual conversation piece in any setting.

Alvord Mountains Sheet - Army  1948 - 23 x 30.96
Amarillo, East Texas - USGS 1975 - 23 x 28.08
Amarillo, West Texas - USGS 1975 - 23 x 28.14
Amsterdam New York - USGS 1895 - 17 x 23.25
Anaheim California - USGS 1901 - 17 x 20.13
Annapolis Maryland Quad - USGS 1892 - 17 x 21.69
Antelope Mountain California Quad - USGS 1963 - 23 x 28.38
Anthracite Colorado Sheet - USGS 1956 - 23 x 26.40
Antioch California Quad - USGS 1908 - 27.5 x 23
Antler Nevada - USGS 1943 - 17 x 21.88
Archbold Ohio Quad - USGS 1959 - 23 x 31.09
Arizona Arizona - USGS 1967 - 23 x 32.34