American Civil War Battle Maps

Our collection of old war maps from the Civil War years, 1861—1865, will dazzle history buffs.
From the opening shots of the war as Fort Sumter is attacked to Lee's surrender at the Appomattox Court house, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive catalog of stunning old map reproductions. Civil war battle maps from Virginia to the siege of Georgia to the Antietam battlefield — whatever your interest, you will find your old Civil War maps here. We have reconnaissance maps, hand-drawn sketches, and theater-of-war maps, including detailed battle maps of both the Union and Confederate armies’ movements and campaigns.
All old war maps are lovingly restored and reproduced using state-of-the art printers, paper and ink, guaranteeing that your beautiful work of art will last for decades.

Appomattox Court House Virginia Vicinity - Henderson 1865 - 28.75 x 23
Virginia Theatre - Disturnell 1861 - 23 x 25.44
Atlanta Georgia Siege - Sherman 1865 - 40.94 x 23
Baltimore County - Kaiser 1863 - 23 x 28.69
Antietam National Battlefield  - Weyss 1869 - 27 x 23
Antietam Pennsylvania Battlefield - Willcox 1862 - 23 x 26