Historic Railroad Maps

The great American railroads opened up the West, unified the nation — and changed the face of America forever. Trace this dramatic history with our historical map reproductions.
By producing and distributing maps of their rail lines, the railroad companies documented their own history as well as the history of our nation. The advent of the railroad meant that goods could quickly travel from the American heartland to port cities on the coast.
Though created for practical purposes, these old railroad maps make gorgeous decorative pieces. Our beautiful display maps show routes and connections as well as displaying rail elevation profiles, owned lines, leased lines, and points of interest for travelers. And the vintage maps are chock-full of historical information! The Santa Fe Railroad opened up the West — and set the standard for luxury. As America's first and most famous Transcontinental Railroad, the Union Pacific's Overland Route changed the face, feel, and finances of our country with contributions from industry giants like George Pullman, Andrew Carnegie, and George Westinghouse. Collectors, railroad enthusiasts, and antique map buffs alike will love our beautifully restored vintage map prints.
Historical railroad maps are the perfect addition to your “train room” or any room or office décor. Choose from antique maps of dozens of railroads and regions. Don’t see what you are looking for? Give us a call! We are constantly adding old railroad maps to our already extensive collection.

Adams Express Co Baltimore Division - Lang 1885 - 23 x 32
Alabama and Tennessee River Railroad - Colton 1865 - 23 x 25
Alabama and Tennessee River Railroad - Colton 1867 - 23 x 24.34
Alabama Railroad - Hoyer 1850 - 23 x 30.01
Alabama Railroads - Poor 1854 - 23 x 25
Alabama Railroads - Rand McNally 1888 - 23 x 37.15
Alaska Excursion Steamers Northern Pacific - Poole 1891 - 23 x 47
Alaska Yukon and British Columbia - Marsh 1904 - 23 x 40.48
Albemarle and Pantego Railroad Connections 1887 - 23 x 35
American Central Railway - Bien 1886 - 23 x 60.70
American Union Railroads - Haasis 1866 - 23 x 34.08
Arizona Proposed Territory - Gray 1857 - 23 x 45.31