Old Virginia County Maps

Browse our large selection of historical maps of Virginia counties including: Fairfax, Prince William, Loudoun, Chesterfield, Henrico, Arlington, Stafford, Spotsylvania. County maps are of particular interest to genealogists and historians. Because, they are often “landowner” maps, covered with the names of individuals who owned land. Some antique maps were even created by “subscription” — landowners, farmers, and merchants paid to have their properties and names appear on the maps!

Historical maps of Virgina counties are best known for their impressively intricate illustrations of local scenes and represent each county's coming of age, when it became possible to produce such extravagant documentation. Trace the history of your land, your family, or the place where you now live with a beautiful vintage Virginia map reproduction that illustrates these historical drawings.

Culpeper County Virginia - 1865 - 36.56 x 23
Moore County Beckley Virginia - Moore 1874 - 23 x 29.90
Spotsylvania County Virginia - Campbell 1863 - 23 x 30
Alleghany County Virginia - 1879 - 25.15 x 23
Amelia County Virginia - Booker 1850 - 32.50 x 23
Augusta County Virginia - Leitch 1947 - 33.03 x 23