Historical State Maps

Follow our nation’s history: from colonies and territories to statehood! 

Historical state maps are some of our top sellers. Our vast collection offers a pictorial history of the development of the United States. Whether Texas is your part of the country or you want old maps of the Rocky Mountain ranges of Colorado we have maps of these United States. We recommend antique maps of Massachusetts or maps following the mighty Mississippi River. We have the most complete collection you’ll find online! Choose from wall maps of all 50 states! We also have several vintage maps for most states, showing the progression from territory to statehood.

Our rich collection of antique state maps features the work of a number of famous mapmakers, providing a range of perspectives. Just as with modern-day artists, each mapmaker had a distinctive style. Historical map aficionados can recognize the hallmarks of favorite cartographers: a particular decorative border, a specific color-scheme, an insets of a city or popular region. All are top-quality reproductions of professionally restored antique original maps.

Yellowstone Park - Cram 1892 - 23 x 27.91
Yellowstone Park Burlington Route -Poole 1898 - 23 x 29
Yellowstone Upper Geyser Wyoming - 1883 - 28.69 x 23