Historical Virginia State Maps

The storied history of the Old Dominion, from its founding as an original colony to statehood in 1788 allows for many beautiful old maps of Virginia. Whether you are performing historical, territorial or genealogical research, our collection of Historical maps of Virginia are wonderful view of the past. These maps help transport you to a point in time that reveals many interests.

Many Virginia state maps can feature the different landscapes from the Chesapeake Bay to the historical Jamestown Colony. Additionally you'll find maps that chart now-abandoned townships, roads, or mining systems that connected many areas. Virginia maps are popular gifts for historians, professionals and students alike.

North Carolina Outer Banks Virginia - 1590 - 29 x 23
Virginia - Powhatan 1636 - 29.25 x 23
West Virginia Virginia Defendant Exhibit 14 - Anderson 1914 - 23 x 34
Virginia - Burr 1834 - 28.13 x 23
Virginia - Colton 1856 - 28.13 x 23
Bennetts Creek Suffolk Proposed Canal -  Gales 1834 - 23 x 26